Hedgerow Maintenance - About our hedgerows.

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Hedgerows are not only an important aspect of our culture and heritage but also form a very important role in any farm. Acting as a corridor for pollinating and natural pest reducing fauna, they also act as natural and free boundary to the wonderful Irish field. They protect crops from wind damage and also act as a way to reduce soil erosion and water run-off. Modern machinery and technology has offered ways of vastly increasing work load and thus pushed the limits of field size, resulting in hundreds of miles of hedges being ripped out. However, for those in charge of maintaining both established and newly planted hedges there are a number of important steps to keep to.

Under the Wildlife Acts, 1976 (2000), it is an offence to cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy any vegetation growing in any hedge or ditch, during the period beginning on 1 March and ending on 31 August.

However exemptions are provided from the restrictions, in the interests of agriculture and forestry.

At Raheenmore we provide a range of Hedgerow maintenance services for a number of our agricultural clients and equestrian facilities in the area. We have over 16 years in the cutting and maintenance of hedgerows and would be please to advise you on any areas of hedgerow maintenance that you may have.